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Beautiful Sounds of a Madison Summer

Children running around and playing. Friends gathering outside in lawn chairs to relax. Music filling the warm summer air. These are all the summer sounds Madison citizens have become familiar with over the years. And thanks to the Madison Arts Alliance, these things and more have all been brought back with the free Sounds of Summer concert series!

The long running live music event was put on hiatus like most things were during the pandemic. But with the new Madison Arts Alliance replacing and revitalizing the Madison Arts Council, the Sounds of Summer was one of their first important missions. “We’ve always known the importance of art in our community, and Sounds of Summer is the epitome of that,” Rosalie Holcombe, the president of MAA said. “It’s a tradition, it’s free, and it’s always been a part of Madison.”

And the excitement and support these concerts have received from the community is something anyone can see. From the first concert, the turnout has been great with people turning out regardless of which band is playing and what the weather looks like. Each of the five performing groups have all been local bands, three of them being return talent and two being brand new to MAA, making this concert series an experience entirely unique to Madison. From funky to beachy tunes to rock music, there is a band and genre for everyone to enjoy.
Above all, Rosalie believes that this series is an opportunity for our citizens to come together once again. “During the pandemic, a lot of people felt isolated. But now there is a place for people to reconnect and enjoy music for free. The proof of the success in this series can be clearly seen with the turnout. People of all age ranges have come in support and that’s truly amazing.” The Madison Arts Alliance is excited for their many future projects to come for our community and is already planning their next steps. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook for all your public, local arts events.