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Lemon and Lavender, Coming to Madison Station

An Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Sourced Retailer is coming to Downtown Madison

 Lemon and Lavender owners

Downtown Madison continues to grow with the opening of Lemon and Lavender this Saturday, February 6th. Lemon and Lavender are located in the 16 Main St. building in historic Madison Station. Lemon and Lavender join several other businesses that operate in the Historic Sensenberger home. The store will provide yet another unique shopping experience and attractant to Madison’s burgeoning Main St.

The owners of Lemon and Lavender, Shannon Fisher and Brandy Booth, have a passion for sustainability. Lemon and Lavender offer a variety of items including household products, kitchenware, fragrances, décor, and European foods. At the heart of Lemon and Lavender’s vision is conservation. Fisher and Booth offer a high-end shopping experience where self-care meets sustainability.

Lemon and Lavender Merchandise

Lemon and Lavender offers premium products that are not common in the larger, big-box retailers. Customers are met with a fragrant aroma from the store’s bath bombs and salts, room sprays, candles, and soaps that create an inviting atmosphere. Fisher and Booth are passionate about small businesses and environmental resiliency. The two also offer a wealth of expertise along with their diverse product selection.

The ongoing redevelopment of Downtown Madison made the area an ideal site for Fisher and Booth’s new business. Downtown Madison is quickly becoming a one-stop-shop in many ways. The historic charm of downtown offers a variety of unique and premium shopping experiences, all within walking distance. As Madison residents, Fisher and Booth are beyond excited to contribute to the Madison community with their premium products, expertise, and boutique shopping experience.

Check out Lemon and Lavender’s FacebookInstagram, and Website