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Owner Nancy Covington came up with the concept of Bullfeathers while in Barber school. She was tasked with coming up with her own unique branding for a barbershop as part of her program. The idea for Bullfeathers came when Nancy wanted to incorporate her Grandfather In-law, a World War I veteran, into her branding. She eventually landed on Bullfeathers, which was a common saying from President Theodore Roosevelt around the same era. When Nancy was able to open her own shops in Madison and Huntsville, she took the Bullfeathers concept with her.


Bullfeathers’ emphasis is on customer service and atmosphere. Where many barbershops or salons model themselves off the number of customers they serve, Bullfeathers focuses on a quality experience. The barbers at Bullfeathers take their time with each customer that comes into their shop to meet their needs.

Bullfeathers offers a variety of services you would expect from an old-school barbershop, including beard trims, haircuts, edging, fading, straight razor shaves, as well as shampooing, head, and neck massages. Each haircut includes a hot towel treatment and back-of-neck shave that reduces irritation and relaxes the customers.

Boy Haircut

Bullfeathers has a unique industrial-era atmosphere that isn’t found in a typical salon or traditional barbershop. The barbershop’s rustic interior is complemented by the alternative and psychedelic rock playing on the radio. Patrons are greeted and offered water, a soft drink, and even a complimentary beer. Bullfeathers is happy to support locally brewed favorites such as Old Black Bear Brewery.

Cav Scout Razor Guards

Bullfeathers carries a variety of styling and grooming products as well. Let the expert barbers at Bullfeathers help you pick the right product for your hair and styling needs. Owner Nancy Covington stands by her product and service so strongly, that she offers free Clean Up trims for those in-between haircuts and may have a big event coming up that they need to look their best for. First-time visitors get $5 off, veterans receive a $5 discount as well. Children under the age of 13 also get a discount.

Bullfeathers is one of the many unique shops and boutiques that makes Historic Madison Station a vibrant downtown.

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Lemon and Lavender, Coming to Madison Station

An Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Sourced Retailer is coming to Downtown Madison

 Lemon and Lavender owners

Downtown Madison continues to grow with the opening of Lemon and Lavender this Saturday, February 6th. Lemon and Lavender are located in the 16 Main St. building in historic Madison Station. Lemon and Lavender join several other businesses that operate in the Historic Sensenberger home. The store will provide yet another unique shopping experience and attractant to Madison’s burgeoning Main St.

The owners of Lemon and Lavender, Shannon Fisher and Brandy Booth, have a passion for sustainability. Lemon and Lavender offer a variety of items including household products, kitchenware, fragrances, décor, and European foods. At the heart of Lemon and Lavender’s vision is conservation. Fisher and Booth offer a high-end shopping experience where self-care meets sustainability.

Lemon and Lavender Merchandise

Lemon and Lavender offers premium products that are not common in the larger, big-box retailers. Customers are met with a fragrant aroma from the store’s bath bombs and salts, room sprays, candles, and soaps that create an inviting atmosphere. Fisher and Booth are passionate about small businesses and environmental resiliency. The two also offer a wealth of expertise along with their diverse product selection.

The ongoing redevelopment of Downtown Madison made the area an ideal site for Fisher and Booth’s new business. Downtown Madison is quickly becoming a one-stop-shop in many ways. The historic charm of downtown offers a variety of unique and premium shopping experiences, all within walking distance. As Madison residents, Fisher and Booth are beyond excited to contribute to the Madison community with their premium products, expertise, and boutique shopping experience.

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Fleet Feet Madison is Now Open in Hughes Plaza

 Details FleetFeet_Storefront

Fleet Feet is now open in their new Madison location. Located in Hughes Plaza along Hughes Rd., Fleet Feet recently expanded into Madison after years of operating in their Jones Valley location. Madison’s growing population, and active and health-conscious community, made Madison an ideal market for Fleet Feet’s recent expansion. Madison’s multi-use paths, sidewalk connectivity, greenway, and trail system make the city a great environment for runners and walkers alike.

Fleet Feet offers expertise, experience, and customer service beyond what one would expect from a traditional sporting goods store. Fleet Feet’s staff undergoes extensive training and many have a background in running. Fleet Feet’s knowledgeable staff and wide product-line of running footwear, apparel, and accessories, support the customer’s fitness goals at every level.


The comprehensive Fit Process is what sets Fleet Feet apart from other stores. The individualized fit process utilizes state-of-the-art 3D scanning and constructs an analytical image of the runner’s foot. Weight distribution is identified based on the runner’s pressure points to determine the level of support or cushion the wearer may need, along with their natural walking and running gait. Along with the shoe size, the Fit Process identifies the shape of the foot from the width, arch height, and instep height. Arch pronation or flexion is identified in the process and by watching the customer run or walk. All these aspects of the fit give the customer shoe and insole recommendations, customized to keep the runner healthy and happy while meeting their fitness goals.


Along with getting the customer on the right footing, Fleet Feet offers a variety of apparel and nutrition products. Fleet Feet’s stylish apparel line features cotton-free, moisture-wicking materials to keep you cool and comfortable during your workouts. Fleet Feet offers a variety of supplements to enhance the runner's performance. Fleet Feet also has several hydration and nutrition products to help you overcome the “hit the wall” feeling late-run.

Womens Shoe Wall

Fleet Feet offers race-specific training programs and group runs. Fleet Feet also hosts several “fun runs” from their store, through the Madison community. No matter what your level of fitness or running ability is, Fleet Feet has something for everyone. From the casual walker and jogger, the nurse on their feet all day, marathoner, triathlete, to the trail runner, you’ll find the products and service you need to meet your goals at Fleet Feet.

Fleet Feet is now open and expects its Grand Opening on the weekend of April 11th. Fleet Feet joins several other fitness, retailers, and services in the redeveloped Hughes Plaza including Absolute Nutrition, Forged by Hex, Bicycle Cove, and Results Physical Therapy.

Historic Madison Station is at the heart of the City of Madison. Surrounded by historic Colonial, Craftsman, and Victorian homes, Madison Station is where historic charm meets the modern shopping experience. With eateries, boutiques, exercise venues, antique shops, and a brewery, there is something for everyone in Madison Station. Madison Station features a shared public parking lot connected by an extensive streetscape and the Madison Station green.

Shop the latest fashion trends at Filthy Gorgeous on Main boutique. Pick up something for the kids at Tiny Pines. Antique hunt at Jacklyn's Keepsakes and Madison Station Antiques. Relax on the green with a bag of Zion Gourmet Popcorn. Enjoy a classic Southern meal at Madison Street Cafe. For your home decor needs, visit Noble Passage Interiors and South & PineHome. Take in some live music and enjoy a craft beer at Old Black Bear Brewery, and burn it all off at Pure Barre. You'll discover a unique experience and inviting atmosphere when you Find More Madison Station.


Hook a frog 
Hook A Frog
105 Church St., Suite D, Madison, AL 35758
Animal Trax 
Animal Trax
100 Church St. Madison, AL 35758



Kathleen's Bridal

14 Main St., Suite D, Madison, AL 35758


Filthy Gorgeous on Main
14 Main St., Suite F, Madison, AL 35758

Jacklyn's Keepsakes
108 Main St., Madison, AL 35758
Madison Station Antiques
110 Main St., Madison, AL 35758
South And Pine Home 
South and Pine Home
14 Main St., Suite C, Madison, AL 35758
Tiny Pines Children 
Tiny Pines Children
14 Main St., Suite B, Madison, AL 35758
Noble Passage Interiors 
Noble Passage Interiors
204 & 202 Main St., Madison, AL 35758
Lemon and Lavender 
Lemon and Lavender
16 St., Madison, AL 35758
(256) 509-7247

Restaurants & Eateries

Main Street Cafe 
Main Street Cafe
101 Main St. Madison, AL 35758
Main Street Cafe 
Old Black Bear Brewery
208 Main St. Madison, AL 35758
Main Street Cafe 
Zion Popcorn
104 Main St. Madison, AL 35758

Salons & Barbers

Main Street Cafe 
Bull Feathers Barber Shop
105 Church St., Suite H, Madison, AL 35758
Main Street Cafe 
Expressions Salon
101 Church St., Suite A, Madison, AL 35758

CJs Hair and Art Studio 

CJ's Hair and Art Studio
105 Church St., Suite E, Madison, AL 35758

LR Salon

LR Beauty Salon
105 Church St., Suite F, Madison, AL 35758

Studio 106 

Studio 106
16 Main St., Madison, AL 35758


Gyms and Fitness Studios

pure barre 
Pure Barre - Madison
14 Main St., Suite A, Madison, AL 35758
the house md 
Head To Toe Training
20 Martin St. Madison, AL 35758


rocket city 3D 
Rocket City 3D
105 Church St., Suite I, Madison, AL 35758
Click Photo Design 
Click Photo Design
101 Church St. Madison, AL 35758

glass ppg

The Glass Center

102 Church St., Madison, AL 35758

jarvinen and balch attorney llc

Jarvinen & Balch LLC
14 Martin St., Madison, AL 35758

apollo limo 
Apollo Limousine Service
16 Main St., Madison, AL 35758
blank canvas 
Blank Canvas
16 Main St., Madison, AL 35758
Jennifer Daniels Photography 
Jennifer Daniels Photography
16 Main St., Madison, AL 35758
murphy logo 
Murphy Homes
18 Main St., Madison, AL 35758
opie blach 
Opie Balch Realty
106 Main St., Madison, AL 35758
South And Pine Home 
South and Pine Home
14 Main St., Suite C, Madison, AL 35758
Noble Passage Interiors 
Noble Passage Interiors
204 & 202 Main St., Madison, AL 35758


 The Avenue Madison is a unique, mixed-use development coming to Downtown Madison. Blending the urban experience with the quality of life offered in Madison, The Avenue Madison will continue to catalyze the ongoing redevelopment of Downtown. Located along Sullivan St., The Avenue Madison is minutes to Downtown’s Main St., Madison Stadium, and several other major destinations. This premium development will house several upscale dining, retail, and business establishments.

Featuring a mix of loft-style apartments and ground-level shops, The Avenue Madison will be a dynamic addition to the downtown area. The development will include 190 lofts, 10,650 sq. ft. of retail space, and ample parking – all within convenient connectivity to Madison’s sidewalk and greenway network, which encourages sustainability, walkability, and accessible commerce. For more information about The Avenue Madison, Click Here